Cherry Kitchen

    Hi it’s been a minute. In the last 2 years I’ve been getting more opportunities to make all sorts of different things. And this cherry kitchen was no exception. A wonderful family was looking to get the kitchen they always wanted in their longtime home. There were a couple of requests and inquiries and hopefully I can show them to you.


    An existing window was in an odd spot. The original sink wasn’t centered and there was an unused space between the sink cabinet and the stove. I worked around the sink centered in the window.

    Was able to squeeze a thin drawer that now holds baking sheets and cutting boards.

    At the end of the dishwasher originally was just an over extended counter top. Placed to balance between where the dishwasher ended and the sliding door. When asked “what could we do here?” I did this.

    I added storage for cookbooks,placemats whatever thin object you might need is now within reach.



    When I boxed in the fridge I suggested to add a thin broom closet at the end. Bottles and wipes can be stored on the shelf above.

    Next is the coffee nook. With pull out rubbish and recycling. The client loves the larger bins.

    The cabinet above the coffee nook was suggested to store all the spices. Out of the way but displayed in an organized fashion. I added racks inside both doors.

    I added a large pantry with pull out drawers on the lower half.

    To the left of the pantry. The wall juts out to make room for steps on the other side. I once again wedged a wine/liquor cabinet to optimize the once unused space. There are 3 holes in each cabinet. That way wine can be stored upside down to soak the cork. And you are still able to read the label, Mind you its upside down.

    As I worked on site a Golden Retriever who has become long in the tooth, Kept me company. I thought I would be a nice touch to carve his likeliness to encapsulate the whole experience. That cabinet is just to the right of the oven.

    There is still crown moulding to go around the top and undermounted lights for the upper cabinets. But I figured I’d share the process thus far. Sometimes I don’t get to see the finished picture. But I like how this one turned out.

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