Saturday Drive to Coastal Coffee

    The Church of Coffee

    A couple of years back, maybe 2016(?),  I thought I’d like to put drinking coffee into my routine. Previous to this I drank tea and could count the times I had coffee before that on one hand (6). I am always interested in the process and culture of things and coffee was new, expansive and different. I started with coffee pods and pre-ground Maxwell House (I know, I know) but quickly learned there was a better, more ethical option when Coastal Coffee came up on my Instagram feed.

    In their posts I could see they were renovating a church as a base of operations and in the location it said Goderich. So in my mind I thought next time I’m in Goderich. I’m going to merely do a drive by to see what’s up. Well… it wasn’t quite IN Goderich as it turned out.

    So for awhile I just watched their progress on the church on social media. Then one day they made a post stating that every Saturday 9am-1pm you could get a coffee for take out. This was my opportunity to snoop around. Michelle (my partner in crime) and I ventured over for 9 on the dot. We were greeted by who we now know as Ben and Bri serving out of a shipping container. I can’t remember if this set up was due to the pandemic or that the café on the bottom floor of the church was still not ready to serve customers. Luckily we were the only ones there, giving shy Michelle and I an opportunity to polish our social skills. Michelle was able to find a common ground as her employers at Firmly Rooted were already chummy with Ben and Bri.

    Click to goto their Instagram.

    Eventually, I got around to mentioning my new interest in natural building.  I started by making earthbag structures in Japan. Then a Slip Clay hut in Retallack BC about 6 years ago. I commended Ben and Bri on taking on the church renovation and doing it the proper way. Ben excitedly gave me a run down of all the work they did and planned to do.

    An Unexpected Opportunity

    And then something completely unexpected happened. Ben mentioned that the Scottish gentleman that plastered the church was doing another job in the area. And that he was dire for some help. Perhaps it was my worn work boots along with the previous conversation that prompted Ben to ask; “Would you be interested in helping him out?”. For whatever reason I said yes, he made a call on Saturday and I was working for Kieran on Monday.

    Embrace the Unexpected

    I don’t believe in fate or the supernatural per say. However, sometimes you go somewhere and meet some people and everything clicks. I am still working with Kieran at Lime Thistle Plastering when I can. Any Friday or Saturday I am headed to Goderich or just looking to have a chat and a nice drink, I make it a priority to visit Ben and Bri at Coastal. And this year I will be doing my first market ever at their Christmas market this Saturday and Sunday. If you are ever just looking to get out and about I would highly recommend visiting them and make sure you mention me, I’m commission based :D.

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