Delivering chaise lounge chairs

    Hi I have a quick update today. This post I was commissioned to make a set of chaise lounge chairs for a client in the Thedford area. The design came from a combination of online pictures, along with dimensions of existing warehouse store cushions that will pair with the outdoor theme. I made them out of cedar and used a UV protecting finish. Due to my new schedule ( I’ve been shadowing a traditional heritage plasterer) getting this project done was slightly delayed and I also needed a break. So my partner and I decided to hand deliver the chairs seeing we’ve never been in that area. It turned out to be a great visit and we wish we had more time. There was a trail nearby in a Carolinian forest. As the client lead us to the beginning of the trails he spotted a eastern hognose snake sunning on the path. I had never seen one before, And in Ontario they are a species at risk. They have some interesting traits they roll over and play dead to fool the predator. And can flatten out like a cobra to seem more intimidating. We carefully moved the snake off the trail and continued to venture the area. Like I implied we didn’t have much time in the area after socializing etc. But we were given a list of perhaps slightly less touristy things to see next time we’re around.